Thursday, June 21, 2012

Acqupendente to Bolense

Do You Think we are on the Right Path?

Happy Summer Solstice! This morning I was awake with the birds and out of bed by 0500. Sylvia and I had arranged to leave at 0530, and as we set off for Bolsena, the air was blissfully cool. Along the way, we met several farmers and then Dominic, a priest on vacation, who was also at the Convento last night. Dominic walked with us for the rest of the day and is with us here in the dormitory at the Convento in Bolsena.

The walk was really very nice today, with pleasant views, the majority of which were thankfully on gravel roads or trails. The temperature remained very manageable all day and here there is a beautiful and cooling breeze blowing. Bolsena is a very pretty place, with a number of very old churches, a castle and a big lake! The lake is over 140 km in circumference and seems to be very minimally populated. I see at least one island, and just a very few boats at this end. After a great lunch at a taverna here, 5 of us walked down and dipped our toes in the lake, where the water is like a bath. I so want to go swimming but I am the only one with a swimsuit and as I am reluctant to swim alone, I will have to leave the swimming until I get home. A Canadair water bomber has been here a couple of times filling up, so there must be a forest fire somewhere around here.

Tomorrow will be decision time for me. The others want to start early, which is fine, but it means that I will be in my intended destination 16 km from here, very early in the day. If the weather is like today, I should be able to keep going. But if not I will just cool my heals in Montefiscione.

And now, its time to find an unlocked wireless network so I can post and get my emails! Ciao ciao

Sister Checks us in at the Convento

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