Monday, June 25, 2012

Campagnola di Roma to La Storta

Rome in the Distance

After my mega meal at Miami Snack Bar last night, I retreated back to parochial hall leaving the football fans to enjoy the game, but it was still too hot to sleep, so I lay on my bed on the floor with the iPod on until it cooled off a bit more. I was lucky that I had really good ear plugs given to me by my friend Catherine. The others told me this morning that it was 1:30 am before the football frenzy ended!

A Very Tight Fit!

I had a great sleep on my mattress on the floor and for the first time in at least two weeks, no pain in my feet as we set out to walk. At least for the first 10 km, and the remaining 14 km were only slightly uncomfortable. A river crossing where we dangled feet in cold water helped considerably. Today was the second to last day of walking, as we are now just 16 km from Rome. It was surprisingly rural and entirely pleasant. Tomorrow, I expect 16 km of road walking into Rome so I will ensure the iPod is charged and ready to go, as I dislike road walking quite a bit.

Of the four of us, Joel has walked the farthest at 1300 km from his home near Valence, in France. Silvia is next at 1200 km from Lausanne, Switzerland, then Gisella at 830 km from Milan and me at 650km from Fidenza. I didn't think I would make it with them, but it it appears that I will after all.

This evening we are installed at a wonderful convento in La Storta run by the Sisters of Poverty and ironically, the nicest place I have stayed since I began this walk 3.5 weeks ago. It is super clean, nicely finished and we have pine trees outside the window. The women are sharing a room and Joel has a room to himself, but it feels like luxury to me. It is quite amazing how your concept of comfort can change in just a few weeks....

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  1. Marion from Victoria, BCJune 27, 2012 at 7:40 AM

    I have really enjoyed reading your blog Miranda - especially since we travelled to Italy last year so much is familiar. And it was hot then too.