Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Berceto again...

It is Day 2 in Berceto for me. For a variety of reasons including stomach upset and the remote possibility of too campari, I did not sleep at all last night. This morning I felt awful, so I asked Roberto to go on without me, wrote a note for the man who looks afet the Conventi and went back to bed, hoping to be able to say another night there. By 1100 I was ready to face the world again and I ventured down to check on my guest status. The signor had not received my note and payment, but he was glad to accommodate me. Unless they were anticiapting a couple of busloads of nuns for the night, anything else would have been a surprise, considering the space availalbe.

Yesterday's Fettuccini con Funghi platter for Two

It took pretty much all my energy to get into the town and I was truely grateful for my sense in deciding to stay behind. Another steep climb over an even longer distance in full sun would have resulted in disaster, I am sure. My main priority in the mission was a coffe and somewhere to catch up on my emails. Having exploited many of the other possibilities yesterday without success, I venutured into new territory looking for a Wifi signal. Soon I was lurking outside a pretty trattoria checking for an unlocked signal and voila, success! I planted myself down at a table, asked for a cappuccino and was soon catching up on the news at home.

Miniature Pansies

Soon the battery on my iPad was low, not to mention my own charge. I was ready to trudge back to the conventi, but not without a look around the local castle ruins first. The view of Berceto and tomorrow's mountain pass was fabulous, if not a little daunting. A good reminder tht it was truly time to home for a rest.

And now, all battereies adequately recharged,I have some grocery shopping and am back at the same little trattoria for a Campari-Soda and blog post before heading back to the kitchen at the conventi to make myself a salad. It will be strange to be the only person in the building tonight, but at least I will have no excuses for not having a good sleep!

Ciao ciao ciao...

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  1. I am loving your blog ,thankyou , I will be walking same route in October 2013