Friday, June 29, 2012

Napoli and Rome again...

The Narrow Streets of Napoli

Ok, so we didn't make it to Mt. Vesuvius... this time. It was late this morning by the time we got going and we missed our opportunity to go and still have time to catch the train. Sylvia and Sergio had stayed up late and then there was the massive celebration in the streets until 1 or 2 in the morning, which kept everyone awake. It probably goes without saying that Italy won the match.

While we were waiting for Sylvia to organise her bag this morning, Sergio showed me his extensive and enviable collection of travel books, many of which were in English. As I drooled over all the possibilities, we discussed the possibility of meeting somewhere else in Italy or Portugal for a walk next year.

In any case, our plan for today evolved to go to Napoli, have a pizza and then get the train to Rome. And that is where I am now. A few minutes ago, I pulled the ipad out to use primarily as a fan because the train was like a sauna, but then we discovered that ours was the only car without air conditioning, we promptly moved and I was able to release the ipad from fan fan duty.

Pizza for One... Why arent Italians Fat?

Sergio has been an absolute star; aside from picking us up, hosting us in his beautiful home and yesterday's tour, this morning he drove us back to Naples and gave us the back streets tour. Unlike Rome, Naples feels real place and not contrived for tourists. I had been warned about all the crime there, but I did not feel unsafe and to my surprise, I liked it. Little alleys built on old roman sites, and an underground city and catacombs. Understated, but full of life and interest, as well as excellent pizza at Gino Sorbillo's. We each ordered a different kind and then shared pieces. The rumor is that Sorbillo's restaurant was recently torched by the Mafia, but they rebuilt and opened again for business in 20 days. Sergio says that there is a good school in Naples if you want to learn to be a pizza cook, and good pizza cooks make more than €2000.00 a month, which isn't a bad wage here in Italy.

Later still... I am at a Bed and Breakfast in Fiumicino that I found on the internet. It is basic, and a little misleading from the super photos they had posted, but it is clean and the owners who are from Argentina, are very nice. I am down to my last 5 euro, so they are going to drive me the the Bancomat later on, which is very kind, especially since I have already paid them.

With just a few hours left before I board my plane to Canada, this adventure is drawing to a close. Italy has been a wonderful surprise for me in so many ways. It's beauty, the genuine warmth of the people and fine food will surely keep me coming back again and again....

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