Saturday, June 9, 2012


At some point during the afternoon yesterday I entered into a conversation with Alberto, the friendly proprietor of the Limoni B&B, where I was staying. As a former French and English teacher, Alberto spoke perfect English. He told me a lot about Italy and what it was like growing up here in a relatively poor family. Later, he kindly gave me a short tour and explanation of the city, and escorted me to the restaurant he had recommended for dinner. I learned that Sarzano was an important city in the middle ages, and seat of the archbishop. As such, it has several very old and beautiful buildings, some of which have restored. Receiving a tour of Sarzano by a knowledgable (as well as handsome and charming) local person turned my stay there from one of necessity due to sore feet, to an unexpected pleasure. It felt more like I had planned to be there.

When I returned back to the guest house it was still early, but I was tired and looking forward to my comfy bed. However, between the noise from the train station which was on the other side of the garden wall, and my next door neighbors, who were feeling amorous and wanted the world to know it, I had to get up and find my earplugs. If that wasn't enough, in a short time I was actually cold (go figure, its really warm here in Italy) and had to rouse myself out of bed again to get my sleeping bag for extra warmth. Then finally, beautiful sleep!

I Support the Church

This morning I had a fine breakfast of coffee, juice, excellent brown bread and beautiful homemade jams. It was just the thing to get me going and I was grateful again to Alberto, who had thoughtfully bought the bread especially for me because he thought I would need the extra energy for walking. Grazie Mille Alberto!

The Dwarfs Get A Lecture

Almost immediately after setting out, there was a great view of the Mediterrean in the distance. An added bonus was the cooling breeze from it, and a cover of cloud (which remained for a good part of the day). Shortly after, the magnificent white mountains of Cararra also appeared to the south. Cararra is where the fine milky white marble which is used a lot in sculpture and for practical purposes such as floors and in buildings comes from.

By about 3:00 pm and about 24 km later, I had arrived at my intended destination, Massa. I made directly for the Convento Cappucinni, where I am now. I was a little surprised that there is only one smallish room here for pelligrinos, and so far I am the sole occupant. Selfishly, I am hoping that I will continue to be the only one here as there are two cots in the room with very thin foam mattresses on them and the truth is that I would love to have them both!

My Room at the Convento Cappuccini

Now its time to go and find a Wifi connection to post this with and find some food. Aside from breakfast, a couple of pieces of fruit, about 4 litres of water and an absolutely delicious piece of tart made from eggs, chestnut, raisins and some kind of liqueur, I haven't really eaten much today.

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  1. Ohhh.....your taste in colors prevents me from reading your blog. But, browsing the photos I can vividly imagine all the details of your adventure.......Brian