Friday, June 15, 2012

San Gimignano to Monteriggioni

My Date Was a Little Rusty

And now, Monteriggioni! And wow, what a place! Like San Gimiangno, Monteriggioni is a very old walled town set high on a hill, incredibly well preserved and lovely. I am just into my second beer, I had the opportunity to meet Christina, the woman who has almost singlehandedly way-marked the Via Francigena. I can't tell you you how many times I have looked at the segnales with great appreciation; it was great to be able to meet her tell her how grateful I am for here efforts.

A Woman Washing the Old Fashioned Way!

(As a sidebar, at one point today, we were following a canal. When we stopped to dunk,our tired feet in it, there was a woman at an old washing station, doing the family laundry. At first I thought she was jusr waiting for the repair person to show up - okay it would be a man here - when another woman showed up with her laundry, too. Incredible! )

We were very fortunate to get accommodation here; the town is overrun with people here for the walking festival, which runs all weekend. It isn't my thing to be in big crowds and I am looking forward to walking to Siena tomorrow, the jewel of Tuscany. Roberto will also leave us tomorrow, and then it will just be Joel, Gisella and me. They both walk faster than me, so I may lose them along the way, but I hope not. They are really good company and it would be great to walk together into Rome, if possible. And still, this is the way things go on a walk such as this. People come and go and it is fine; it is an opportunity to learn about developing meaningful relationships with others and then be able to let them go...

The Feet Get a Treat!

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