Friday, June 8, 2012

Aulla to Sarzanno

Actually, I was wrong about nothing being able to keep me awake last night. After I lay down to sleep, my feet felt like a couple of molten blocks attached to the end of my legs, pulsating with pain, and refusing to allow me to sleep. When I exposed them to the air and suspended them by putting a pillow under my knees, they were much happier and the next time I looked at my watch it was 0630.

The rest of the day was less eventful. I walked and walked some more. I met an old woman on the road who talked to me at length about the walk I am doing. Somehow, I think I understood most of what she was telling me. I met Sylvia again and she helped me to find the bed and breakfast here in Sarzana, where I have decided to stay. For reasons unknown to me, my hands and feet have become very swollen and sore. Probably a combination of factors, but it seems prudent to just stick around here this afternoon and try a longer walk tomorrow. And for now, I will enjoy the beautiful garden here at the Limoni B&B.

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  1. Beautiful pictures. Hope you feet and hands clear up.