Sunday, June 17, 2012

Siena to Ponte D'Arbia

A Parade in Siena

No one snored last night, but there were some late night revelers outside who woke us all up at some point during the night. 0500 came very early it seemed, but we had to get up and get going to beat the heat, or at least try to beat the worst of it... The kind people at the Convento Santa Luisa left us fruit, a thermos of coffee and packaged baked things so at least we had a reasonable start to the day. In fact, it would be 15 km down the path before we were able to have a cappuccino and a bite to eat. We were on the road by 0530, bym0730 I was already perspiring and by 1030 it was just plain hot. And now, at 1600, as I sit at the bar with Gisella and Joel drinking beer and lemonade, it must be 38 or 40 degrees. It seems to be that if you don't move, you don't sweat, but otherwise the heat is stifling!

Dinner at the Convento Santa Luisa
Had it not been so hot today, and had my camera battery not run out, it would have been a good day for photos, but I just kept my head down for the most part. The terrain has changed yet again; now it is rolling hills, covered with wheat and other crops. There isn't a scrap of shade anywhere either, which was another good reason to head out so early. There isn't much here in Ponte D'Arbia either, but at least there is an Albergo, a Bar and a Ristorante. Tomorrow is another longish day of walking and I am hoping we can be on the road by 0500. Being first at the Albergo, we were able get a room on the east side of the building so we wont be baked tonight.

Goodbye Siena

I am a little concerned about Sylvia; she got up with us, but hasn't arrived here in Ponte D'Ariba. Another man just arrived and he says he did not pass her, so perhaps she decided to stay in Siena. Who would blame her for staying out of this crazy heat! In the meantime, one of the locals here has volunteered his bicycle to Joel, so he cold attend mass in the next town - BuonConvento. He took of off like a shot, racing off to church. I could imagine how it good it must feel to be moving so quickly, the wind moving through his hair...

And now, I think I must return to the Albergue for a nap. Later.... Just as I was leaving the bar, Sylvia emerged from the road. She was exhausted and had not had any water for some time. Now that she has had her shower, some water and a lay down, she is feeling better. Tomorrow she will get up early with us and avoid the worst of the heat.


  1. Ciao Miranda,
    this is Sergio from home , AVELLINO, I'm glad for have founded your blog ! I just quit travelling at lunch time in such a hot day, 2 buses and a train ride.
    I can immagine all of you soffered the heat today. I'm reading about Silvia, how is she doing now ?
    big hug to all of you and Bon Route

    1. thanks for posting a pic with me, I'll become famous abroad, then !!
      Ah, ah :) :) :) buen camino - Sergio

  2. Hi Miranda, You deserve a Gold Star ....what a journey in all that heat. How about starting a new trend....walk during the night when it is cool and sleep during the heat of the day.? Anyway maybe you will write a book complete with photographs on all the walks you have done. That would be a very interesting read.
    Hopefully your feet are holding out and the blisters are not too bad. Enjoy the rest of the journey.