Monday, June 11, 2012

Pietrasanta to Lucca

A Roadside Shrine
Last night, two pelligrini arrived at the convento in Pietrasanta just before dinner time; Gisella from Milan and Joele from Valence, in France. There were only a total of four beds in the room, so its a good thing there weren't any more pelligrini after that. They turned out to be good roommates; no snoring among either of them.

Along the River to Lucca

Today has been another weird and wonderful day on the VF. Shortly after departing Pietrasanta I had a pretty nasty fall on some slippery rocks, landing squarely on my tailbone. I managed to keep walking the remaining 30 km to Lucca, but it was tender all day. I have iced it quite a lot and taken some aspirin, but the real test will be tomorrow when I get up. Regardless, it was a fine day and the scenery was spectacular as always. I have walked about 250 km at this point. Not quite as far as I had thought but I still have a couple of weeks to get to Rome, all being well.

Intense Fishing

I am in Tuscany now, and just beginning to see the changes in the terrain. I think the mountains are over and from here on, it will be mostly rolling hills, which is much easier on a sore butt! Tonight in the beautiful city of Lucca, we are staying again with Gisella and Joele at the Youth Hostel. Its a pretty nice Youth Hostel, I believe it is a converted convent. I am keen to hobble out of here and have a look around the city, so I will finish this post and say ciao for now.

The Streets of Lucca

Addendum June 12; Had a great nights sleep and todya my butt is sore, but definitely cooperating for walking, so thankfully I will be able to just carry on....

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  1. I love the street shot! Really captures the ambience of a town. Trust all is well.......Brian