Friday, June 15, 2012

On The Way to Beautiful San Gimiagnano

I am so tired that trying to write anything remotely interesting is a challenge, but I will give it a try. We were up at 4:30 am and were making our way out of the frilly B & B and San Miniano by 5:00. The idea was to try and beat the worst of heat; there was at least 9 hours of walking ahead of us along with the requisite stops. At 3:00 pm, we staggered into san Gimmiano and eventually found the Convento d'Agustino where we are spending the night tonight.

I had a pretty good sleep in the rose petal strewn room at Anna's B & B, but Gisella who I was sharing the room with said she had trouble sleeping. Apparently there were cars driving by all night... I had no idea. Still, I was glad to get out of there. Somehow, it seemed contrary to what we were doing to be staying at Anna's Petal Palace. But regardless, we were glad of it considering the situation.

Yes, I am Really Here

The path was pleasant and off road or at least off the main road, for most of the day. An added bonus was the saving cover of cloud, again for most of the day. As the day went by, it became much warmer and the last 8 km or so were on the tarmac. By the time I staggered into the Convento San Augustino, I was spent. After walking 37 km, it was especially surprising to be greeted by a very unpleasant hospitalero, who barked at us rudely for our credenziales. It seemed we had inconvenienced him by arriving at the hostel, but I was too tired to care. We checked into our cells and headed for the showers.

San Gimiagno in the Distance

Its amazing how getting clean can revive a person, at least
for a few hours. We walked through the ancient and beautiful streets of San Gimiagno for an hour and then headed out for dinner. By 9:00 pm I was completely spent and ready for my bunk; Gisella had scheduled another early start for us, in order to make it to Monteriggioni at a decent time.

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