Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bolsena to Viterbo

An Afternoon at the Beach

I really enjoy the early hours of the day, which is good, because we were up very early this morning and out the door by 5:15. Actually, I was up most of the night. Not so much because it was hot, which it was, but there must have been something in the soup I had for dinner that did not agree with my body. Add to that Padri Domenico tossing, turning and muttering in his sleep on the other side of the room and it was hopeless. Still, I was able to set out with only minor pain in my left foot and a spring in my limp.

The night before we were busy. We checked out the catacomvs under the cathedral - weird - attended Mass where Padri Domenico was presiding as the visiting priest, and had a nice meal at the same place we had lunch at...not very adventurous I know, but it was so good, and they had WiFi. This is my new name, by the way. Dubbed by Padri Domenico as he watched me scouting around for a signal.

Gisella gets a Pizza

But back to today... Our walk took us away from the beautiful Lago Bolsena, through forest and then eventually back on the Via Cassia, which is the main road. By 0900 we were in Montefiasconi drinking Cappuccinos and eating Panini. The Mozzarella here is fantastic, soft and a little bit stringy... So naturally, my panini had mozzarella, super sweet cherry tomatoes, and arugula.. Yum...

In the Church at San

Despite the promise of a free beer, the second half of the walk was not as pleasant due to the weather being so hot, and the fact that we could see our destination long before we got there. We passed a thermal spring, but the water was hot, I couldn't bear putting my feet into the pool. At another time of year, it would be like an oasis, but When we finally reached Viterbo at 1500, I made a dash for the first gas station and got some fuel for me, an Iced Tea..gone in seconds. Next stop was for lunch and the promised beer. Padri Domenico had to go back to his parish in order to cover for one of the other priests, so we said a fond goodbye with promises to email.

Padri Domenico

The rest of the was less interesting. viterbo proved to be an unappealing place and lur accommodation was...just ok. What will tomorrow bring? More sun, so it will be an early start for sure..

A Fresco at the Church in San Florenzo

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