Sunday, June 10, 2012

Massa to Pietrasanta

I am learning many things here in Italy, and last night I learned that sleeping on a cot isn't actually all that bad, even with just one mattress on it. Who would have guessed? I had to lay in my back but I don't think anyone at the Convento heard me snoring. I didn't even wake myself up; I must have been tired.

But back to learning things for a moment. When I think about why I do these walks, as I do most days, I realise that learning new things and new ways are partly both reason and the result. As we age, we tend to become more fixed in our ways. This is one way I can challenge myself to let go of some of my fixed ideas. And now, on to the day itself...

Beautiful Massa

Sunday - Shopping Bag Washing Day

I set out about 0700 this morning, quietly slipping out of the Convento Cappuccini so as not to wake the Padris. I was grateful that it was cloudy again, as it kept the heat down to about 22 or 23 degrees, and considering the entire walk today was in pavement, it could have been very hot if the sun was direct. The views were spectacular, the terrain is steep and semi-tropical so it is very lush and green. The birds sing non-stop and the air is highly fragrant with flowers. Actually, everything here seems to smell good, even the sweaty cyclists who pass me smell of perfume. I could still see the sea at a distance and the breeze from it was completely welcome. This area feels like a paradise to me; it has everything I like and good coffee as well.

The distance from Massa to Pietrasanta is supposed to be the same as Sarzana to Massa, but I was here within 4 hours, even with stops. To my surprise, Roberto was also here. I had thought he would be home by now but he has waited for me. This afternoon we will take the bus to the sea so that we can dip our toes in the Med. Pietresanta is a very pretty place with lots of old buildings and a big plaza. I believe there is a concert on later in the main piazza; hopefully we will catch some or all of it.

Sculpture at the Granite Yard in Pietresanta

But for now, to the sea!

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