Saturday, June 16, 2012


We said goodbye to Roberto this morning and began our short walk to Siena (20 km)about 700 am. By 1200 we had met Sylvie who is a friend of Gisella's, and were getting a little tour of the city. We stopped briefly at the post office so I could ship some things to Rome, and carried on to the Convento of Santa Luisa, where we are installed in the pelligrini room.

It is officially hot here.... I barreled through all my jwater during the walk and was parched by the time we arrived. After showers, we headed out for lunch at the Skyscraper Deli, an ironically named place because the ceilings are so low. It was recommended by Sylvie, and what a great recommendation it was. A splendid cold lunch of various salads at an outdoor table. Bellissimo!

We have spent the rest of the afternoon wandering the streets of Siena, very slowly, because it is too hot to move any faster. We sampled gelato and now, beer at an outdoor bar. It is mandatory to do these things... when in Rome...

I must go to the sporting goods store now and see about a pair of sandals for walking. I have two large blisters brewing on my heels and I sense that my shoes are close to being done. The weather isnt going to get any cooler either; full sun and temps in the mid 30s are predicted for the next 10 days. As they say here, Perbacco! (sort of like ai ai ai!)

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